The Library is well organized and maintained with books for all age groups. The collection consists of course books, reference books, story books. Our School has a well furnished Library, with a rich collection of various types of books, under the charge of a well-qualified Librarian. Library periods are provided to all the classes in which they visit the Library to read the magazines, books and encyclopedias etc. Besides, they utilise these periods for getting the books issued too, to study them at home.

Following the wealth of wisdom in this saying, the school has collected a substantial no. of books on wide ranging disciplines to quench the children’s quest for knowledge. A qualified dedicated librarian perseveres to upkeep the library along the principles of library science. Library period introduced in the daily routine will go a long way to inculcate reading habits, the real means of obtaining pleasure and knowledge.

Extra Marks Smart Classses

Education plays a pivotal role in the growth of the society and formation of a true human being. With the advent of new scientific and technological era, education has acquired multiple objectives. Basically, the institution of education has undergone a radical change in recent time, it is reoriented.

The use of technology in the classroom is constantly increasing. Keeping this prospective in mind, North Delhi Public School has revolutionized the teaching learning process through the introduction of “Extra Marks Smart Class”.

Extra Marks Smart Classes have brought a complete transformation in the classroom. Its has increased the interactive atmosphere in the classroom which inturn has increased the learning experience.

The school is constantly in quest of new plans and programmes so these extra marks smart class is another voyage to track and tap the potential and talent, inculcate it, nurture it, move it across a swath of stretching challenges and evaluate it on parameters pegged in a holistic manner.

Maths Lab

Mathematics lab in our school has collection of different kinds of materials and teaching aids needed to help students to understand concepts through relevant, meaningful and concrete activities. Here students learn the subject by preparing charts and models to illustrate mathematical ideas and concepts.

Sport Arena

Outdoor Games : Outdoor activities form a vital ingredients of the sports activity. Keeping in mind the importance of vigorous exercise regime that is the hallmark of sports, a huge arena of - acres has been provided for. All the activities are undertaken in the massive playground that forts the academic building. The sizeable dimensions make ample room for activities carried out of doors in healthy persuit of fitness and fresh air.

The students enthusiastically play these games - badminton, basketball, handball, khokho, volleyball skating and karate under the supervision of trained physical education teachers and coaches.

Indoor Activities : Indoor activities refer to the latent talent sports expertise that hones the skills of quiet concentration and calculated movement under the security of a roof. The school has made provision for carom, table tennis, and yoga for the students to hone their skills.

School Transport System

The School has a fleet of buses manned by experienced drivers and conductors.

The smooth plying of the buses is the responsibility of the bus supervisor. All students are expected to follow bus rules. The areas where our school buses covered are:-

  • NP Mall, Pitampura
  • NP Block, Pitampura
  • ND Market, Pitampura
  • Sri Nagar, Rani Bagh
  • Rani Bagh
  • Saraswati Vihar
  • Shiva Market
  • Rithala Metro Station, Rohini
  • Sec-24 Rohini
  • QU Block, Pitampura
  • JU Block, Pitampura
  • Shalimar Bagh, DT Mall
  • Keshavpuram, Lawrance Road
  • Ashok Vihar
  • Gujarawala Town
  • Rana Pratap Bagh
  • Roop Nagar
  • Shakti Nagar
  • CCE Colony
  • Vijay Nagar
  • Model Town-1
  • Model Town-Northend
  • Kewal Park
  • Azad Pur
  • Singal Pur
  • Ring Road
  • Richi Rich
  • All Heavens
  • A.C./A.D. Block
  • Telephone Exchange
  • A.A. - Block, Shalimar Bagh
  • Kela Godown
  • B.C. Block (East)
  • Shalimar Village
  • Haider Pur
  • Badli
  • Sector-18, Rohini
  • Sector-15, Manav Chowk
  • Sector-16, Rohini
  • Sector-17, Rohini
  • Sector-11, Rohini


The school has 2 computer labs for students each of them well equipped. Lab 1 is for junior classes and Lab 2 is for senior classes.