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Cultural Event Umang

The Middle wing of North Delhi Public School organized  a cultural event Umang on 2nd November 2018 in the school Auditorium with great show and aplomb . The  occasion consisted of a plethora of events that  spanned a wide variety of artistic talents.

A beautiful rendition of Ganesh Vandana marked the commencement of the event. It was followed by a play Murkh  Sabha that emphasized the need to educate every child. The plays carried beautiful social message that accentuate the need to reflect on  the frivolous lifestyles of the society like Andher Nagri chopat raja and Cyber addiction   that highlighted the perilous edges our children are walking over with the use of internet. A skit on the life of the great scientist Eddison Undiscovered  Edisson was presented marking his distinguished contribution towards humanity. Group songs and Group dances enthralled the audience  and saw them enjoying thoroughly. Artistic Yoga an amalgamation of Yoga asanans  to soothing music in the background  was presented by the student of class VII. The vote of thanks was proposed by Ms. Sudha Bansal, the culutural  Incharge. The event was presided over by  Director Sir, Mr. J.K. Kesar. Manager Sir Mr. Parveen Kesar and  Principal Ms. Shivani Verma  praised students and teachers for their ardor and hard work that was  conspicuously visible  through the entire programme. She congratulated the participants on the success of the event.

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