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Celebration of Quami Ekta Week (National Integration Week)

 North Delhi Public School, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi celebrated the Quami  Ekta Week to foster and inculcate the spirit of communal harmony and National Integration. Various activities as directed  were conducted, the details of which are given below-:

1. National Integration Day - The day was observed on 19/11/2018 to mark the secular spirit of one  Nation. Students of different classes took part in symposium, shared their view on communalism and anti National activities that not only harm the unity of the country but also are a threat to the very spirit of democracy. Students also represented PPT presentations on  the Smart board on secularism, socialism and Republican approach to convey their views more clearly.  

2. Welfare of Minorities Day - It was celebrated on 20/11/2018. As part of the event a class discussion was organised for the students of class VII on the topic   Sarv Shikha Abhiyan. The students expressed their views on the aim, need and benefits of the programme. They also provided valuable suggestions to strengthen the Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan. They discussed Governments effort to improve attendance in Schools like providing free and compulsory Education,  Mid-day meals, Uniform, Books etc.

3.  Linguistic Harmony Day- A Kavi Sammelan was organised on 21/11/2018 as part of the above event. Classes from V to VIII participated in the programme enthusiastically. They recited beautiful poems on Unity in Diversity, Secularism and Harmony.

4. Cultural Unity Day- The event was celebrated on 23/11/2018 to mark the occasion a motley of  dances from various states was held. Students donned the indigenous attires of states and performed the traditional dances from Gujarat, Haryana, Kashmir, Punjab, Maharashtra etc.

5. Womens Day- Essay Writing competition was held on 24/11/2018 to celebrate Womens Day. Students wrote inspiring paragraphs on Women empowerment and expressed the role of Women in shaping modern India.

6. Conservation Day- Conservation Day was celebrated on 25/11/2018. The students were given important information on environmental conservation  especially on global warming and rising temperature and their ensuing  hazards. Students also recited poem with props and expressed their 

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