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Conjugating Teacher, Parent and Student  Relationship

-A Seminar for Class IX


 NDPS held a seminar for the parents of class IX to coalesce the relationship between the Parents and Teacher. The workshop focussed on making the parents aware of the instrumental role they can play when the child enters class IX. It is through their judicious guidance and help that their child will learn to cope up with the conspicuous changes in their syllabus as well as academic milieu. The child finds himself in a a lurch and perceives that his old methods of rote memorization and cramming have now become moribund. Parents were asked to encourage their child to master the pedagogy of conceptual learning.

The parents need to come forward and spend quality time with their child. They need to skilfully manoeuvre the child through his/her uncertainties  and become a pillar of strength for them and alienate their fears if any to cheer them when they are dour and be the silver lining for the dark clouds that might occasionally hover over their horizon. The parents need to obviate any hurdles mentally and emotionally from their life.

In order to carry out this assiduous taste skillfully, the parents have to work hand in glove with the teachers. They need to contact the teachers regularly and be in cognizance with their childs strengths and weaknesses. The parents were told to understand that class IX is the foundation for  future education. We cannot build a sturdy bridge on a wobbly pillar. Hence the seminar concluded that it is through the unanimous efforts of the parents and teachers that we can make class IX a prolific experience for the students where they learn to swim and move successfully towards a promising future.

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